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The first heart sound`s analysis, part 3: splitting of S1
The first heart sound consists of two components: mitral  and tricuspid.  These two components are separated by a short interval which creates an audible narrow splitting of S1.  Here, you can find more information and a good example of the normal splitting of S1.
learn more about wide splitting of the first heart sound
The first heart sound, part 2: loudness of S1
A lot of information is enciphered in heart sound.  There are two main problems:  it is difficult to perceive this sound because it is too faint, and it is not simple to interpret reaped information.  The later is some kind of understanding a foreign language.  Let us continue our talk about the language of the heart.
Learn about intensity of the first heart sound
The first heart sound: simplified approach, part 1
The first heart sound: simplified approach, part 1I am going to publish a series of posts about issential heart sound and murmurs. I will try to be explicit and breaf. And I will try to give information relevant to clinical use.
The first heart sound will be the first. This is natural, isn't it?
Read more about the origin of the first heart sound
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