Echo post mortem

A tragic case when a definite diagnosis was made by the Echo after a patient's death.

A young man experienced severe chest pain after physical exertion. Just after obtaining his ECG (number 1) he fell unconscious and dyed. 
Here is his ECG number 1, note subtle ST-depression in lateral leads and signs of LV-hypertrophy :





Here is his ECG just after his collapse at the beginning of the cardiac resuscitation:


Note the diffuse ST-segment elevation, which could lead to the wrong diagnosis of STE-ACS and deadly revascularisation.

Here is his Echo, obtained soon after the end of his ineffective resuscitation:


Note dilated ascending aorta, separated intima inside its cavity, a clot in the pericardium and quick clot formation inside the heart at the end of the examination.
Here is his heart. Notice his dissected aorta. 




Diagnosis: aortic dissection with cardiac tamponade.

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